Saturday, February 25, 2012

Feb 22 2012 A Busy Page

I made a Shrek page for our Gaylord pics and then had so many pics I had trouble deciding which ones to use. I normally don't put so many pics to a page but today I did. Now just 3 more to make for the rest of the family.
Feb 21 2012 Good Tasting

Stopped in Brownsboro for a snack and liquid nutrition and found this. Very tastey
Feb 20 2012 Love Me Some Jason

I drive all day. I drive everyday. Sometimes I drive 168 miles in a work day. To ease my mind and help pass the time, I listen to this CD over and over. Will never get tired of hearing him
Feb 19 2012. Free Samples

I love me some gummy candy and chewy treats. Today while grocery shopping the were giving away free ocean spray chewy snacks. I snagged a bag and enjoyed all 5 of treats inside. You know I expected more than 5 and wanted 3 times that many

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Feb 18 1012  CEUs

Randy & I spent over 6 hours Friday after work in a continuing education class and another 8 hours today completing the course.  The course was a NEURO-Infrah course on Gait assessment and management.  Wow were we exhausted after sitting through 2 days.  The instructor says he is used to teaching for 3 to 7 days when he does a course.  I told Randy I would be in complete overload mode had I gained another day of knowledge squeezed into 2 days.  Today was very interactive though and we learned a lot of techniques that can be adapted to the Home Health environment. Hopefully we both can walk away from this course and apply some of the new knowledge to our current clients.


Feb 17 2012. Headache

Both of  these items should make my world a happier place but...I can't seem to get them to talk to one another.  I don't understand why my brand new printer which is wireless will not print wirelessly.  I have paid 2 different people to come to my house and try to resolve the issue so that I could have a connection and it won't seem to work.  I stayed on the phone with Epson today for 45 mins and went step by step with the representative and the printer worked.  I was able to print a Test Page and a picture.  Today, I can't print anything from either computer.  I guess I'll spend my day again trying to figure out the issue so that I can print excellent quality pictures from my new Artison 800 printer????

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb 16 2012  Mag sheets

I found this idea on pinterest.  To better store your Framelits and Edgelits dies, you use a Clear Mount Stamp Case from Stampin' Up! (item #119105, 4 cases for $5.95) and an adhesive magnetic sheet (I bought the Adhes*A*MAG 5"x8" sheet from the local Michael's Craft store).  You cut the magnetic sheet to fit each side of the Stamp Case, remove the backing and attach.  Simple as that and the magnetic sheet is adhered.  You then position your Framelits on the magnetic side.  This keeps them in place and they are easy to remove.  I am putting the  Edgelits dies on the right side of the case but positioned them behing the case in the photo for you to see the supplies not adhered.  Wonderful idea!
Feb 15 2012  Love Notes

For over 3 years now, I have looked at this sticky note in my shower every morning.  A while back, Randy wrote "I Love You" on a sticky note and posted it in the shower just below the shower head.  It has been there since and is still stuck to the marble well.  When I saw it this morning I smiled and thought about how lucky I am to have such a Romantic and Loving husband. Because of the feelings it stirred up, I felt that it needed to be my pic for the day.  Maybe you should do something nice for your spouse today.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feb 14  2012   Daddy Daughter Date Night

Tonight Randy took his special Valentine out to dinner for a Daddy Daughter Night out.  He is such a GREAT Father.  He dressed in a suit with the new RED tie I gave him for Valentine's Day.  They went to dinner at the Old Bruno's on Vine Street followed by a stop at Orange Leaf.  He had gotten her a gift card to Orange Leaf and wanted to share the first purchase with her.  I know she loves Orange Leaf but he is not a huge fan of Yogurt.  He says he ate a little Birthday Cake yogurt so I am proud that he ventured out while she was there with him. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PROJECT 365. Feb 13, 2011. My Valentine

Feb 13  2012  Red roses from My Valentine

My husband is so very thoughtful, sweet and romantic.  He brought me a dozen red roses today and they are beautiful.  they also smell very nice.  This is my Project 365 post today and it involves my spouse.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb 12 2012   Let the Real Sport begin

We follow NHRA Drag Racing closely.  Not because Randy drives a car at a few local tracks but because we love the excitement that goes along with the Professional rank drivers.  For the last few years we have tried to attend 2-3 races, each one in a different state.  In November, we were at that final race in Pomona and loved it.  NHRA begins each season with a race in Pomona, CA and then ends the season with a race at Pomona.  It is time again for Drag Racing to start up and tonight is the 1st race of the 2012 season.  We are ready and waiting...Let's fire them up boys!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Feb 11 2012   Ayeeee

Me luvies...I made my Valentine box today.  A completed wooden plank deck Pirate ship with ocean water and fish. 
Feb 10 2012  Happy Birthday

I completed a 2 page layout today using last year's Sale-a-bration DSP, the Flag Punch and the new embosslit dies. 
Feb 9 2012  Pumkpin Cranberry

I had lunch at McAlister's Deli today followed by a yummy Pumpkin Cranberry treat.  I was so bad to allow myself to have it but I can not resist pumpkin.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb 8 2012   Too Funny

Saw this online today.  I am often surfing the web for Dachshund stuff.    Charasterics include a long body, short legs and drooping ears.  Today when I saw this, I thought it was too cute...the 2 puppies that is.
Feb 7 2012   The Big Dave

Date Night with Maranda & Randy.  Dinner and a movie.  We went to Double Dave's and had The Big Dave with 1/4 black olives (just for me!).  The Big Dave we got with my father in mind...his name is David and everyone calls him Dave or Big Dave.   We then went to a movie of Maranda's choice, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  She enjoyed it I think. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feb 5 2012   A Fun Day in the Kitchen

Superbowl Sunday it is.  Can't go through the day without snacks right?   Pepperoni Dip -Check.  M&M Rolo treats - Check.  Sausage Balls- in the oven.  General Tso boneless appetizers and Buffalo Wings - Next for oven.  I think the lady at Brookshire's was right this morning when she said "I'll see you tomorrow for Pepto Bismol"
Feb 4 2012   Our Digits

Once again they appear.  While entering SU! customer orders yesterday, I noticed the Sales Tax for one lady turned out to be 4.71.  Our Digits staring back at me.  I think I should start a SMASH journal for Randy and only put pics of things I find with Our Digits in it.  Maybe?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Feb 3 2012  WOW

Today's featured picture are the projects for my WOW class tonight.  I hold a scrapbook class the 1st Friday of every month.  These are the projects the ladies will be making tonight.
Feb 2 2012   Our Digits

After work today and Maranda's orthodontic appointment, we all decided to search out a couple of geocaches.  We were successful and found 2 of them followed by a trip to Brookshire's for dinner supplies. During our walk to the store, Randy noticed a receipt on the ground.  "Hey look at this" he said.  When he handed it to me, I could not believe the change amount.  47.11.  Our Digits!  The change given back to this individual after their purchase was not only important to them but very special to Randy & myself.  471 baby!  I can not believe how often this occurs in our life.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feb 1 2012   Highlight of My Day

This is my new shampoo.  This is supposed to enhance my highlights and keep them blonde instead of dingy or gold tinted.  This shampoo is not only thick but it is definitely purple.  My stylist told me to use once a week and if it is not keeping my highlights bright/blonde I could use every 3 days or so.  She explained that if I use daily then I could have a blue or purple hue to my hair like the "Blue Hair" women do.  Now I understand why some older women have that awful hue.   I thought it was by choice and that they preferred the hair color.  Little did I know, it is from a rinse/shampoo that they are using?
Jan 31 2012   Our Digits

As I prepared to send a text I noticed in the lower corner that I was on 471 text messages.  I immediately snapped a picture of it using my work phone (that is why is is dark) and sent it to myself.  I could not believe it but here were Our Digits displayed on my phone today.  I did not allow myself to send a text all day so that 471 would remain on my screen and so that I could show Randy once I got home.  I love finding Our Digits!