Saturday, March 3, 2012

Feb 26 2012 Cheese please

Thought I would give this a try for making cheese toast. Maranda wanted cheese toast and instead of heating the oven I saw this idea on Pinterest. Turn your toaster sideways and insert. The metal grates do try to push the cold cheese off but I was able to maneuver past them and secure the toast. As the cheese heats up it does stick a little to the top grate and when the toast is done...yep, it pops it right out on the counter one right on top of the other. If you are prepared you can unstick them, if not, you have a double decker cheese sandwich
Feb 24 2012. Our Digits

Today we raced in Crandall. Both Randy and Maranda got time slips with Our Digits on them.
Feb 24 2012. Banana pudding in the making

Tonight Randy made his wonderful homemade banana pudding as a birthday gift for my dad. Dad's birthday was yesterday but we won't see him until tomorrow the 25th. Randy is frying fish at the race track and has made Dad this pudding. Can't wait to taste the finished product.